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Parents Visiting America Need Visitors Insurance Coverage

posted May 13, 2013, 3:55 PM by Vellore Jaishankar   [ updated May 13, 2013, 4:08 PM ]

parents visiting USA need visitors insurance coverage
Extended family members planning to visit United States of America is a necessity to spend soul time with their children and grandchildren who live and work or study in USA. 
Many elderly parents who are visiting USA from India, China, Russia, etc. absolutely need the coverage for visitors for a short-term or a potentially longer duration stay. The United States is the leading destination for travelers from around the world as it offers a wide array cultural and sightseeing avenues with a lot of leisure activities. But on the same token, USA cannot be overlooked for the high cost of medical and crisis care expenses. Emergencies by way of sickness or injury can happen to anyone, anytime without advanced warning and also anywhere. To combat such health risks, especially for elderly parents or relatives visiting America, it is prudent to buy visitor insurance for parents and reduce the chances of being stranded without access to the right care in an emergency or with the burden of mounting medical bills later.

Why Visitors Insurance for USA

Many parents visit USA or relatives travel around the globe every year to spend quality time with their family living abroad. They could be visiting on a US visitor visa or could be new immigrants and recent holders of a green card. It is paramount that they prepare for any medical contingencies during their visit. The plans they eligible for are limited as many do not have social security numbers yet, thereby limiting access to any federal or state medical programs that they can take advantage of.

Benefits of Visitor Insurance for Parents

Getting visitor medical insurance for USA is an easy way to minimize the risk of unexpected financial expenses associated with travelling to America or any foreign nation. Not only does this protects from the unforeseen medical bills, the policy can offer the peace of mind as it takes care of monetary aspects after any hospital admission or any advanced surgery that visitors to the United States is required to undergo. Purchasing visitor health insurance provides complete peace of mind by transferring the risks to your insurance provider, who provides you with 24/7 customer support and has a dedicated team to take care of any claims that need to be processed. 

What Visitor Medical Insurance Covers

Visitor medical insurance plans may not cover vaccination charges, annual physicals and wellness check-ups, routine dental and prescription eyewear expenses, and other plan exclusions. But these plans offer coverage for a wide array of benefits such as hospital in-patient and out-patient charges, fees for doctor and consultant physician visits, prescription drugs and laboratory costs, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of mortal remains, loss of luggage, trip cancellation and interruption coverage, common carrier accidental benefit, and a whole lot more.

Buying Visitor Insurance for Parents Online

Visitor insurance USA is crucial part of any travel planning as it allows you to protect your relatives or parents against any health related adversity. For individuals and families in this situation, a visitor's health plan satisfies the eligibility criteria for USA visitors or green card holders, as there are several insurance plans available, review and purchase a policy online today. Secure and shield your loved ones with visitor medical insuranceand let them have a safe and sound journey.

USA Visitor Insurance for Travel Medical Coverage

posted Mar 9, 2013, 6:49 AM by Vellore Jaishankar   [ updated Mar 9, 2013, 6:55 AM ]

A detailed Time magazine article titled - Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us - has alerted us about the costly health care situation in USA, with high medical costs for even a fall, and gets even more expensive for real emergency situations. This makes it all the more paramount and important for visitors from all over the world who are visiting the USA for the first time, or subsequently, to be apply and enroll for visitors insurance coverage. This is especially important for senior relatives or elderly parents visiting USA or anyone who are traveling away from home country. It is not wise to stay uninsured and you do not want to risk of staying uninsured, as the article demonstrates that in the US, even a routine sickness or injury requiring medical care or hospitalization can leave the victim with huge medical bills. It is therefore prudent to buy visitor insurance plans designed exclusively for those visiting the USA, even if travel is for a very short-term or for an extended period of time.

Domestic health insurance plans are design for residents in America. Visitors to USA typically cannot enroll in these domestic health insurance plans, and need to get covered under specialized medical insurance specially designed for short term visitors. To cover these specific medical risks, private insurance companies based in the US have designed exclusive visitor medical insurance plans for the new immigrants or visitors to USA, all customized to suit the various age groups and specific needs of travelers.

visitor medical insurance policy can be purchased well in advance of any trip to America, but the plan can also be even bought after landing in the USA, or while the visitor has been staying in USA or any other host country. There are few visitor health insurance plans which impose time limits before which the plan has to be bought. The visitor insurance plan brochure will indicate this and also have the details of the schedule of coverage describing the features of the plan. Choosing the most optimum visitor insurance coverage from a wide range of policy options and plan choices is made easy with compare tool on Compare all visitor insurance plans online and select the best suited policy that covers you and/or your family per your requirements while in the USA. 

Visitor insurance plans have many exclusive benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment, hospitalization expenses, urgent care, laboratory expenses, and much more. There are select number of plans that include benefits for special situations and which also cover the insured for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, complications in pregnancy, participation in many hazardous sports, etc. Buy visitor insurance online by completing the application and purchase using a credit card. The policy ID cards are instantly emailed to the given email address, allowing you to secure your travel to the USA by protecting against medical risks and being overly concerned about financial difficulties during any medical emergency while in America.

Visitor Insurance USA is a Must for US Visitors

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:16 PM by visitorshealth   [ updated Jan 23, 2012, 10:16 AM ]

visitors insurance for usa
Visitor insurance USA or visitors health insurance are short term travel medical insurance plans designed only for duration of visit to USA or any foreign land. Visitor medical insurance is essential, when visitors are visiting USA or international travel to an overseas location. Visitor health insurance is required especially for parents or relatives from immigrants communities such as from India, China, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and so on. It is crucial for the visitors to buy medical protection and be insured while visiting USA or Canada.

It is also a known fact that medical care is expensive in USA or Canada when one compares cost to his or her home country, and even a minor health crises might result in financial bankruptcy. Since American visitor insurance plans provides visitor insurance coverage for accident and health expenses while in USA or overseas. Visitors to USA can buy visitor medical insurance before they start their trip or even during travel with USA. Traveler medical insurance plans can be purchased for a durations from five days to three years. Benefits of visitor health insurance depends on kind of medical policy chosen by the visitor.

Visitors can make use of the convenient compare visitor medical insurance tool to review and to evaluate the benefits of various insurance policies. Visitors can choose the best US visitor insurance or cheapest plan which meets their requirements. The purchase of visitor medical insurance online is simple and convenient, using a credit card, anyone can complete online application according to their age group. Customers can notice that it is very advantageous to be covered under visitors coverage and be securely protected from unpredicted health crises.

There will be a deductible, coinsurance and premium cost in the visitor health insurance plans offered by various insurers. Deductible will be inversely related to the premium cost in visitors health insurance plan. Visitors to USA can get free quotes of visitor's medical insurance offered by prominent insurers while making a purchase. It is advisable that visitors should compare visitor’s insurance plans to learn more about different plans.

At travelers can buy cheap and affordable visitors insurance online. Visitors can purchase visitors medical insurance using a credit card. To purchase travel insurance customers need to complete an online application by providing relevant details. The insurance policy documents will be received at their email address after the completion of online payment.

Visitors Insurance For Parents Visiting USA

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by visitorshealth   [ updated Sep 17, 2013, 11:44 AM by Vellore Jaishankar ]

visitor health insurance in usa
US visitor insurance is a short term medical insurance which provides with coverage for a duration of few days to a year and more. Medical care in the US is generally not affordable by all. It is not possible to bear the medical expenses on our own in an health emergency, this makes it important to have visitors insurance for relatives and parents visiting USA, Canada or any other country. 

The visitor insurance USA plan will provide you coverage for doctor's consultation payments, hospitalization charges, in and out patient charges, surgery, or any lab work such as blood tests, prescription drugs even after your policy has expired. It is very important to consider all the benefits before you purchase any plan. It is essential to note that these visitor insurance plans do not cover the pre-existing conditions.

You may be in a fix while buying a visitors insurance plan for your relatives such as brother, sisters, cousins, in-laws or parents visiting USA for the first time. These people, especially aged parents visiting USA and senior relatives traveling to any nation, must purchase visitor insurance from the date the depart home country to the date they return back to their homeland. Avoid buying a policy in your home country as healthcare providers in the United States may not always recognize your native insurance plans leaving you in limbo when you go to see care for your parents health. Some doctors in the US also will not accept an overseas visitor insurance policy, they will however be able to check and accept a US visitor insurance more readily. The other main difference between home country plan and US visitor insurance policy is that out of country providers may ask you to pay the entire medical changes from your pocket and then file a claim for the money when you return back. The US visitor insurance plans typically will ask you to pay a minimum amount (called the deductible or a co-payment) and they will settle the remaining amount via direct cashless billing with the care giver.

There are many US based visitor insurance companies that provide visitor health insurance coverage in the USA or in other nations. There are two types of plans provided by the USA visitors medical insurance plan, namely fixed benefit and comprehensive coverage plans.

Fixed Benefit plans are much low-cost when compared to comprehensive coverage plan. In such type of plans, the deductible has to be paid first (can be once per incidence or per period of policy), after this the insurance company pays up for the net maximum amounts that are needed for different procedures as doctor's office visit, hospital room charges, surgery treatment, etc. Any amounts beyond the scheduled benefits is to be paid by you, and these plans also have a policy maximum is the overall limit for total of all the scheduled benefits.  Prices are much more appealing when compared to comprehensive health insurance plans, but make sure that your expectations are being met, before you purchase any visitor health insurance plan. Very careful before you buy these plan because they pay a fixed amount for each procedure.

Visitors Care, Inbound USA, Visitor Secure, Inbound Guest, etc. are some of the well-known fixed benefit plans for visitors to USA.

Comprehensive coverage plans are slightly more expensive as compared to fixed benefit insurance, which is almost twice the premium, but provides much better visitors insurance coverage than fixed plan. In such type of visitors insurance plans, you first have to pay the deductible then the insurance company pays around 80% for the first $5000 and the remaining 20% is paid by you. After the $5000, insurance paid will be 100% up to the policy maximum for eligible medical expenses. In some plans you first have to pay the 20% of the $5000 once in policy period and in some plans you will have to pay the 20% of the first $5000 for every incident.

Atlas America, Patriot AmericaPatriot Platinum, Liaison Continent, Liaison Majestic, Visit USA, Diplomat America, etc. are some of the popular comprehensive coverage plans for USA visitors.

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