USA Visitor Insurance for Travel Medical Coverage

posted Mar 9, 2013, 6:49 AM by Vellore Jaishankar   [ updated Mar 9, 2013, 6:55 AM ]
A detailed Time magazine article titled - Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us - has alerted us about the costly health care situation in USA, with high medical costs for even a fall, and gets even more expensive for real emergency situations. This makes it all the more paramount and important for visitors from all over the world who are visiting the USA for the first time, or subsequently, to be apply and enroll for visitors insurance coverage. This is especially important for senior relatives or elderly parents visiting USA or anyone who are traveling away from home country. It is not wise to stay uninsured and you do not want to risk of staying uninsured, as the article demonstrates that in the US, even a routine sickness or injury requiring medical care or hospitalization can leave the victim with huge medical bills. It is therefore prudent to buy visitor insurance plans designed exclusively for those visiting the USA, even if travel is for a very short-term or for an extended period of time.

Domestic health insurance plans are design for residents in America. Visitors to USA typically cannot enroll in these domestic health insurance plans, and need to get covered under specialized medical insurance specially designed for short term visitors. To cover these specific medical risks, private insurance companies based in the US have designed exclusive visitor medical insurance plans for the new immigrants or visitors to USA, all customized to suit the various age groups and specific needs of travelers.

visitor medical insurance policy can be purchased well in advance of any trip to America, but the plan can also be even bought after landing in the USA, or while the visitor has been staying in USA or any other host country. There are few visitor health insurance plans which impose time limits before which the plan has to be bought. The visitor insurance plan brochure will indicate this and also have the details of the schedule of coverage describing the features of the plan. Choosing the most optimum visitor insurance coverage from a wide range of policy options and plan choices is made easy with compare tool on Compare all visitor insurance plans online and select the best suited policy that covers you and/or your family per your requirements while in the USA. 

Visitor insurance plans have many exclusive benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment, hospitalization expenses, urgent care, laboratory expenses, and much more. There are select number of plans that include benefits for special situations and which also cover the insured for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, complications in pregnancy, participation in many hazardous sports, etc. Buy visitor insurance online by completing the application and purchase using a credit card. The policy ID cards are instantly emailed to the given email address, allowing you to secure your travel to the USA by protecting against medical risks and being overly concerned about financial difficulties during any medical emergency while in America.