Visitors Insurance For Parents Visiting USA

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:11 PM by visitorshealth   [ updated Sep 17, 2013, 11:44 AM by Vellore Jaishankar ]
visitor health insurance in usa
US visitor insurance is a short term medical insurance which provides with coverage for a duration of few days to a year and more. Medical care in the US is generally not affordable by all. It is not possible to bear the medical expenses on our own in an health emergency, this makes it important to have visitors insurance for relatives and parents visiting USA, Canada or any other country. 

The visitor insurance USA plan will provide you coverage for doctor's consultation payments, hospitalization charges, in and out patient charges, surgery, or any lab work such as blood tests, prescription drugs even after your policy has expired. It is very important to consider all the benefits before you purchase any plan. It is essential to note that these visitor insurance plans do not cover the pre-existing conditions.

You may be in a fix while buying a visitors insurance plan for your relatives such as brother, sisters, cousins, in-laws or parents visiting USA for the first time. These people, especially aged parents visiting USA and senior relatives traveling to any nation, must purchase visitor insurance from the date the depart home country to the date they return back to their homeland. Avoid buying a policy in your home country as healthcare providers in the United States may not always recognize your native insurance plans leaving you in limbo when you go to see care for your parents health. Some doctors in the US also will not accept an overseas visitor insurance policy, they will however be able to check and accept a US visitor insurance more readily. The other main difference between home country plan and US visitor insurance policy is that out of country providers may ask you to pay the entire medical changes from your pocket and then file a claim for the money when you return back. The US visitor insurance plans typically will ask you to pay a minimum amount (called the deductible or a co-payment) and they will settle the remaining amount via direct cashless billing with the care giver.

There are many US based visitor insurance companies that provide visitor health insurance coverage in the USA or in other nations. There are two types of plans provided by the USA visitors medical insurance plan, namely fixed benefit and comprehensive coverage plans.

Fixed Benefit plans are much low-cost when compared to comprehensive coverage plan. In such type of plans, the deductible has to be paid first (can be once per incidence or per period of policy), after this the insurance company pays up for the net maximum amounts that are needed for different procedures as doctor's office visit, hospital room charges, surgery treatment, etc. Any amounts beyond the scheduled benefits is to be paid by you, and these plans also have a policy maximum is the overall limit for total of all the scheduled benefits.  Prices are much more appealing when compared to comprehensive health insurance plans, but make sure that your expectations are being met, before you purchase any visitor health insurance plan. Very careful before you buy these plan because they pay a fixed amount for each procedure.

Visitors Care, Inbound USA, Visitor Secure, Inbound Guest, etc. are some of the well-known fixed benefit plans for visitors to USA.

Comprehensive coverage plans are slightly more expensive as compared to fixed benefit insurance, which is almost twice the premium, but provides much better visitors insurance coverage than fixed plan. In such type of visitors insurance plans, you first have to pay the deductible then the insurance company pays around 80% for the first $5000 and the remaining 20% is paid by you. After the $5000, insurance paid will be 100% up to the policy maximum for eligible medical expenses. In some plans you first have to pay the 20% of the $5000 once in policy period and in some plans you will have to pay the 20% of the first $5000 for every incident.

Atlas America, Patriot AmericaPatriot Platinum, Liaison Continent, Liaison Majestic, Visit USA, Diplomat America, etc. are some of the popular comprehensive coverage plans for USA visitors.