Visitor Insurance Overview

visitor insurance overview
Visitor insurance offers travel medical insurance coverage benefits to non-US citizens visiting USA and for both US citizens and foreign nationals visiting other nations outside his or her home country. All visitor insurance plans are ideally suited for senior relatives and elderly parents visiting USA. The visitors health insurance policy applies for individuals and families or anyone who is visiting USA and/or Canada for a short term duration, or travelling to any other nation outside his or her homeland borders and it best suited for international travel to nations like United States of America (USA) or Canada. 

Visitor medical insurance is slightly different from regular domestic health insurance that USA and or Canada residents and people living in the country of origin have for themselves. With the advent of the age of jet travel, a lot of people are traveling outside their home country borders these days. In addition there are thousands of people who immigrate to other countries to settle there for various reasons. In these situations, parents, friends and family visit them during their various life stages, hence it is always prudent for the hosts who sponsor the visitors to USA and/or Canada to ensure that the health of visitors and visitor health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay abroad. Medical insurance that the passenger has in his country of origin does not provide coverage when someone falls ill in a foreign country is protected for the duration of stay. Visitor medical insurance fills the gap by providing medical insurance coverage for travel outside the country of residence. For this very reason, visitor insurance providers have designed visitors insurance plans that exactly meet this requirement.

Fixed Benefit Visitor Insurance

Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit visitor insurance offer capped maximum benefit for each medical condition as detailed in the schedule of benefits in the plan brochure. These are low-cost visitor insurance plans which provide limited benefit options for a value conscious traveler. Fixed benefit plans include:

Comprehensive Coverage Visitor Insurance

Comprehensive benefit or comprehensive coverage visitor insurance plans are not limited by dollar amount for each benefit, they offer affordable coverage upto the plan maximum covered amount selected at the time of purchase. Comprehensive coverage plans include: